TUMENBAYAR Tserentulga

Member of management board of the “Union of Mongolian Writers”, writer and Head of the Center for support of intellectual work “Electron information-art and literature”.
1979 - graduated from the school of Communication and information technology as a specialist in radio electronics.
1998 - graduated from the Institute of Mongol Studies with the degree of Master.
2005 - General editor of the magazine “Internet nomad”

Tserentulgyn Tumenbayar is a writer and poet. She is the Natsagdorj prizewinner/Prize named after D.Natsagdorj is the governmental one awarded to persons making a prominent contrition to the development of Mongolian literature/ and was awarded also with a prize named after the Union of Mongolian Writers /UMW/. She is a member of the governing body of the UMW.
Ts.Tumenbayar is the author of poetry books such as “Wing of the Swallow”, “Dream of the Sky”, short stories “Whisper of hillocks”, “Shamaness”, “The wolf in divination”, “The single string doesn’t sing”, “Night tango”, modern ballets “The wolf in divination”, “Love in the fog”. Furthermore, her plays “Egg-cell” and “travel without return ticket” were broadcast through Mongolian Radio. Her screenplays “Tale about Mother’s milk”, “The sky knows” and “The Naked nature”, as well as over 20 songs are generally available.
This small woman who has won the second place five times and special prizes four times at State contests of short stories “Sense epithet” has once been honored as “Queen of short epic” by D.Galbaatar, Doctor and Professor, Literature critic.

1. Books:
1985- “Sparrow wing” poems
1987- “Whisper of hills” stories.
1993- “Shaman” stories
1999- “The wolf in divination” stories
2000- “One string makes no voice” stories
2000- “The legend of egg stone” stories
2005- “Horse like deer” stories
2005- “Heaven’s dream” poems
2007- “Night tango” stories

2. Movies
1988- “The routine to meeting”
1999- “Heaven knows”
2000- “The girl coming together with dog”
2000- “Legend of white milk”

3. Plays
2003- “The wolf in divination “modern ballet
2005- “The log of love” modern dance in nature
2005- Solo show under the topic “The wolf in divination”

4. Songs
“Inseparable heart” music by Enkhbayar
“Lost lottery” by Erdenesukh
“Whose child” by Erdenesukh
“Locked door” by Erdenesukh
“Mother’s milk” by Purevkhuu
“For my spouse” by Enkhbayar
“Praying “ by Enkhbayar
“Cradle song” by Purebkhuu
“Mongol Ger” by Ser-Od
“Let’s dance around bonfire” by Battumur.

5. Prizes and place winning in contests
1998- Prize by the Union of Mongolian Writers.
2004- “Honorary labor medal” high prize by the state.
2006- The Natsagdorj prizewinner
2009- The S.Buyannemekh prizewinner
“Delicacy of meaning” state contest of short stories
1989- Movie “The routine to meeting” won the second place in the contest of movie writing organized by Mongolian Railroad.
1993- “The best of tea” 1st and 2nd places
1994- “The legend of inscribed rock” 2nd place
1996- “Heaven’s dream” 3rd place
1997- “Solitude” 3rd place
2000- “Gold coin of queen Turkina” 3rd place
2005- “Uraliin tes mod” 2nd place
1998- “The fellow in white shirt” 1st place in the contest of short stories dedicated to 360th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar
2003- “Thirsty horse” 2nd place in the state contest of short stories.
2006- “Gun galuutai” 4nd place in the state contest of short stories.
“Golden feather” the contest of the best works
2001- “Lonely musician” the best
2002- “The wolf in divination” modern ballet as the best
2003- “Journey without return ticket” the best
2004- “The site of death” the best
2005- “Horse like deer” the best

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