Writer, laureate of the Union of Mongolian writers. Ts. Tumenbayar

/The XXVI World Congressof Poets/
One of the major genres of Mongolian folklores is the triple lined poems called "The Universe Triples", based on the harmony between human being, nature and way of living with a sense of philosophy.
The scholars who had studied "The Universe Triples" noted that this is one of a kind, unique type of poetry.
The Japanese also have a kind of triple line poems called "Haiku". However, the "Haiku" and "The Universe Triples", Mongolian traditional folklore, are totally different.
The Mongolians live in the heart of Asia; have 4 seasons with very extreme climate, plus 40 degrees Celsius in summer, minus 40 degrees in winter. For millenniums we have observed our environment, accumulated rich intellectual wealth and worship the nature. Thus we, Mongolians, are experienced to live in harmony with the nature.
Based on our experiences, sharp eyes and intellectuality the dependence and relationship of matters have been observed and practiced in our everyday life. Such as: in nomadic culture the herdsmen forecast weather by observing the sun, moon, stars, movement of clouds, winds and other natural phenomenon. Therefore, it is obvious that such a great poetry, "The Universe Triples", had been created.
I strongly believe that there is no other country in the world which has such a distinct poetry as "The Universe Triples". It perfectly illustrates the reality along with the delusion, while comparing human soul and way of living with phenomenon of nature and bringing out their similarities. Therefore it stays in ones mind forever.
For Example: in "The Universe Triples of layers" The sky has layers of clouds The earth has layers of grass The ocean has layers of icy
If only look at the number, within Mongolians the number 3 has meaning of "Power" and used to call it "Kuchu". In many countries depending on their traditions and religions they have different numbers that they worship or do not like. No different from that we, Mongolians, regard the number 3 and 9 as symbol of goodness. There are number of literature works, folklore, puzzles and myths that are illustrate under the 3 and
believed to bring the good. Moreover, this respect for the 3 expands to the 9, 27, and 81
and had been used in many different traditional rituals and ceremonies and it has direct
connection to an understanding of the Three Universe.
The combination of events, matters and natural phenomenon mentioned in the
Universe Triples are incomparable saying. For example:
"The Universe Triples of Rich"
The Sky is rich with Stars
The Sea is rich with water
The Earth is rich with roots
"The Universe Triples of Light"
Water is light when pour
Feather is light when fly
Grass is light when pick it up
" The universe triples of cold" The eagle born in the mountain isn't cold The fish born in the river isn't cold The uigur born in the hut isn't cold
" The universe triples of green"
The fern is green while the cliff is black
The bile is green while the liver is black
The algae is green while the water is black and etc.
It is very much impossible to find such comparison to replace the above mentioned and the rest of The Universe Triples.
The Universe Triples reflects and connects human mind and the nature, three periods of birth, life and death of human being and three conditions of existence; furthermore it has great deal of importance for knowledge. Moreover, Mongolians created one of the greatest poetry, The Universe Triples, which explains natural evolutions along with reality in connection with human life and it should be considered as unique heritage for the mind of humankind.
Therefore, I am sure that further research and study on Mongolian folklore such as The Universe Triples Will become a huge contribution to not only to Mongolian poetry but also humanity.
                                      2006. Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia



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