A six year old little girl was standing and staring with fascinated yet downcast eyes at the train. She ran back when it was out of sight.
She went over to a young woman who was fixing the railway earth wall. She looked at the two cranes flying slowly, flapping their wings to the southeast, and said happily:
“Sister Enkhmaa, look there … a crane.”
The young woman held her shovel in one hand, wiped her sweat with the other, and said:
“Yes it is!”
“Sister Enkhmaa, what happened to the promise that you will go with me and look at the fledglings.”

“Okay. It’s lunch-time” said she, leaving the shovel standing on the earth-wall, and walked to the small rocky outcrop holding the girl’s hand.
While jumping up and down, the girl said:
“Sister Enkhmaa, where do the cranes go?”
“To bring food for their fledglings…”
“From far away?”
“Yes. Delicious food is always far away”
“Then every day?”
“Every day!”
“Do the fledglings ask for delicious food every day?” the girl asked.
Enkhmaa answered tiredly: “Yes they do”
“Then how come they come back so quickly?”
“Because they have wings.”
The girl pondered a while and said, “Then perhaps, Mommy is gone for a bear-covered-chocolate”
“Why?” Enkhmaa asked surprised.
“Because I ask my Mom for a bear-covered-chocolate everyday. And Mommy would say, ‘A bear-covered-chocolate is not in this desert and the town is a far-away. Mommy will bring it when I go to town’. Mommy has no wings. That’s why she is late, isn’t it?”
Enkhmaa didn’t think so.
“I don’t think your Mom went for a bear-covered-chocolate”
“Then where did she go?”
“I don’t know”, she said, but she remembered that the girl’s mother had gone to the town with a young man from the repairing brigade, leaving her husband and daughter behind. She used to say sadly, “I want to go to town. I am becoming sunburned to my eye-lashes, with nothing to do, nothing to hear and no one to talk to in this desert. I asked him to transfer to town, but he wouldn’t move. I do not want to turn into lizard, why should I stay in this desert?”.
Then, they came to the rocky outcrop.
Yesterday’s red flood water had sunk into the sand with no trace.
Seeing the two crane fledglings crying open-mouthed asking for food, Enkhmaa marveled, “Oh, what wonderful creatures.”
The girl jumped forward saying in excitement, “Wow. Look!”
Enkhmaa wispered “Wait, move aside, you might reflect your shadow on them”
“What would happen if my shadow fell on them?”
“Their mommy will leave them. Look at your shadow. It’s black, it gets dirt on them”. She continued, “They are amazing. Houses and railways were all destroyed in yesterday’s flood. Yet, nothing happened to these two little creatures.
She looked at the girl. She was standing with tears in her pretty little eyes, and her lips were shaking.”
Enkhmaa enquired, “What’s the matter?” and held her hand.
The girl said with a shaking voice, “My Mommy rejected me and left.”
“No, no. Why would she reject such a pretty girl.”
“No, she rejected me. The day before Mommy left, the man who was talking to Mommy told me that I would get sunburned and sat me under his shadow. That’s why my Mommy left me.”
“No, no. Do not speak of such a thing.” Enkhmaa said tying to comfort the girl. “Only birds get dirt on them from people’s shadow. Only birds,” and hugged her by the shoulders. Looking up she saw that the nest high above the ground was safe from the flood waters.
Then with a loud flapping of their wings, the two large cranes appeared, with delicious food for their fledglings.



Далбаа тоологч

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