The young man in a spotless white shirt

In the early morning when the air was sweet, a young man in a spotless white shirt, a colourful tie and with perfectly combed hair, walked flamboyantly along the city’s clean and tidy central street. A girl of about twenty in a yellow striped dress and scarf on her head, secretly looked at him with wayward eyes.

“Is he a teacher or a scientist… or an official in a foreign organization? But who’s care? In any case it’s not my destiny to meet and walk hand in hand with him”, she thought with sadness. From morning until late at night many people passed this way, filling her clean streets with paper and other litter. But this young man liked to walk early in the morning, as she found out one morning when a friend of his passed in his car and asked him, “Hey, Saruul! Have a seat. I’ll give you a ride”. But he answered: “No, thank you. It’s a pleasure for me to walk in the morning along this clean street and breathe in the sweet air”.
Thereafter the girl began to enjoy her work which she had disliked before. She met many young men but no one was like him – grand, self confident and he appreciated her work. “He is really cultured and well educated” she thought. Once she stopped her work and leant against the fence to give him a smile when he passed by. He smiled and winked his eye and went on his way. Maybe it was his gratitude for the clean street.
One morning the young man, who had always walked alone before, appeared hand in hand with a beautiful young lady. The girl was shocked for a moment, then thought “No wonder, he ought to have such a girlfriend.” She heard the young man say to his girlfriend, “I like to walk along this street. But if they plant flowers on each side of the street it will become even more beautiful.”
A few days later the girl had finished planting the flower seeds, the same flowers as in the park near the Government Palace. She even worked at night. Every morning she hurried to see her flowers growing and opening their petals. Soon the flowers bloomed.
Each morning the young man continued walking with his girlfriend. When he finally saw the flowers he rejoiced saying, “God heard my words!” and laughed. The girl was happy that she was giving him joy. She wanted to say: “I have sown these flowers, deliberately! But she was happy, and thought, “Anyway I’m important to him, because the street I have cleaned and flowers which I have sown give him pleasure”. She imagined herself as his girlfriend. She supposed that his girlfriend was also a teacher or scientist.
The girl had many younger brothers and sisters, her mother worked hard to get money just for meals. The girl graduated from high school with high marks, but could not afford to go to university. She thought about it and sighed deeply, “Maybe, some day I’ll go to the university along this street.”
One morning, as she happily finished cleaning the street, the young man and his girlfriend were nearing the place where she stood. “What, are they talking about my flowers?” she thought. The young man with the brisk walk and a kindly smile on his face suddenly threw his expensive cigarette with golden filter into her wonderful flowers. “What are you doing”? asked his girlfriend. The elegant young man looked out of the corner of his eye, and said, “It doesn’t matter, she will clean it up”, and continued on his vigorous walk.
The sweet cleaning girl’s eyes filled with tears as the silhouette of the young couple slowly disappeared down the street.



Далбаа тоологч

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